Energy for all where there is water.

Aquakin provides innovative small hydroelectric power plants for green energy production.

For every location. For everybody. For all the world.


Our hydroelectric power plants are in harmony with their environments. Together with you we preserve biodiversity. Nature gives us energy. We give it a future.


Whether "to go", in the shallowest waters or in water tubes - our hydroelectric power plants are ready to use and offer the highest possible energy efficiency.


Cost-effective solutions for the entire world - even where there is no electricity available yet today. That is what we especially care about. We lend a helping hand.


Our innovations create new opportunities and inspire people to pioneering projects. We move municipalities. Countries. Continents.


Our vision is a world in which everybody produces renewable energy in a sustainable way.

Micro Turbine Blue Freedom

With only 400 grams of weight and a diameter of 20 cm, Blue Freedom delivers an impressive power output. A smartphone can be recharged within a very short time and the internal memory stores another 5.000 mAh, so that energy is available for a long time. This in not only useful in the outdoor area but everywhere where energy is scarce, electricity fails or there is the need for a "quick recharge" near flowing water.

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1 million

possible areas of application


minutes recharging time for mobile phones


Watt power for electrical devices


hydroelectric power plant


kW maximum power


cm minimum water depth


more green households


dead fish

Linear Water Power Plant

Our linear hydroelectric power plant is especially designed for slow moving and shallow waters. From kinetic engergy, it produces up to 160.000 kWh of eleltricity per year in almost every flowing water. This also turns it into an interesting option for small municipalities. During operation the power plant is portable and easy to maintain. Our power plant is helpful for ascending and descending fish and protects both flora and fauna.

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Vortex Water Power Plant

Already in the last century, the theory of vortex hydroelectric power taught us how to make use of the enormous energy density in the center of a vortex. We generate green electricity in a highly innovative and patented manner both at waterfalls in the mountains and by inlet at every river. Like this, we meet the energy demand of every autoproducer even in the most remotest regions of this world.

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kW maximum power


km/h in the vortex center


tons of CO₂-reduction


years' payback period

4 quadrillion

liter of drinking water per year


good idea


coutries of the world


new energy potentials

Tubular Turbine

In millions of tubes in this world an unimaginable amount of liquids flow from top to bottom every day. Nobody has used the potential involved in this process so far for energy production. With our tubular  turbine, it is possible for the fist time to operate a generator within the tubes making use of this energy - both food safe as well as media lubricated. We discover and open up new energy areas in the whole filed of water supply.

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 Aquakin provides innovative small hydroelectric power plants for green energy production.